SLC Lean Coffee hosts Session for Publishing Industry

On  June 6th  2015, the SLC Lean Coffee group will be hosting a lean coffee session aimed at changing the game for the publishing and online journalism industry.  It is anticipated that this session will be one of approximately six sessions, held over a six month period that will lead to new business models, new businesses, and new opportunities for writer’s and publishers alike. 

“i’d like to see a new definition of what it means to be a publisher, and a writer. Discover new and interesting ways to promote the arts and sciences that emerges from somewhere in the intersection of literature and research, art and technology. I’d like to see an improved business model that makes partners of traditional foes, something unlike anything that has been tried before, or else an entirely fresh approach on a time honored tradition.” – Pamela Almoustine Bradford

Anyone with an interest in publishing, writing, marketing, transition to visual medium, new approaches to journalism, and any related topics including self publishing, platform development, online delivery, and crowd sourcing is welcome to attend.

First Saturday Breakfast Buffet and Lean Coffee

Saturday, Jun 6, 2015, 9:00 AM

Copper Canyon Grill House
215 West South Temple Salt Lake City, UT

2 Disruptive Innovators Attending

If you have never been a part of a lean coffee session then this will be a treat. Learn about the advantages of the lean coffee meeting format (part game, part business) as we use it to take on the world.The focus of our Lean Coffee session is on facilitating WIN WIN scenarios for business professionals and entrepreneurs using coopetition to foste…

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