Where Business comes to meet Fun and Games.

If you have had the chance to participate in a lean coffee session then this will be a treat. Come learn about the advantages of the lean coffee meeting format (part game, part business) as we use it to conquer the world.

The focus of the SLC Lean Coffee sessions is on facilitating WIN WIN scenarios for area business professionals and entrepreneurs using coopetition to move ahead and foster disruptive innovation.

SLC Lean Coffee sessions are about creating connection and building community in a way that is fun, agile, and dynamic. The format moves fast and affords participants the opportunity to listen to a wide variety of view points in a relatively short period of time, offer clear ideas and direction and, hopefully and walk away with new partnerships, a list of actionable items, and a plan.

This is not a game for lone wolves and there is no room at the inn for Prima Donnas.

You all pitch in to buy me breakfast, but in turn … as your facilitator it is my job to keep the game on task as you talk about business and negotiate the deals that prove to be game changers.

Join us as we change take on the challenges of life, love and survival in the modern age.

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